Romsons Gastrolene Plus Polyurethane enteral feeding tube14, Box of 10

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    Product Name: Gastrolene™ Plus
    Generic: Nasojejunal Feeding Tube

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    Gastrolene™ Plus (GS-4030)

      • Polyurethane enteral feeding tube for naso-jejunal feeding.
      • Tube is completely inert and non-reactive to gastric juices.
      • Ideal for medium to long term feeding of upto 4 weeks.
      • Equipped with metallic stylet for easy insertion and to prevent kinking of the tube while intubating.
      • The tube is marked at different intervals of 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm from the tip along the tube length for accurate placement.
      • Equipped with full length yellow radio-opaque line for checking the tube placement and X-ray visualization.
      • Proximal end provided with dual port mount connector for safe connection with feeding bag or luer mount of the syringe.
      • Distal end provided with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.
      • Color coded for instant size identification.
      • Sterile, individually packed in a peelable pouch.


    • Nasojejunal feeding tube
    • 100% Polyurethane
    • Stylet for easy insertion