Pap smear kit Box of 25

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    Pap Smear Test Kits Providing extra structural protection and no-touch security, Pap smear test kits contain everything necessary for the collection and transportation of delicate Pap smear specimens. Each kit comes with a selection of components and instructions for performing a single test. All test kit components are packaged inside a patented no-touch folder pack designed to protect fragile specimens. Folder packs utilize a folder perforation to hold slides securely in place, eliminating the use of adhesives that can damage specimens. After specimen collection, simply tear away the courier portion of the folder pack to provide reliable protection for your samples during transport. Courier packs are equipped with special ventilation features to help dry wet slides while in transit. Each no-touch pack withstands a minimum of 2 lb of pressure without collapsing to protect valuable samples. The reinforced design of the pack helps prevent slide breakage, and no-touch packaging prevents the specimen from rubbing off onto the transport folder. All Pap smear test kits come with detailed instructions for collecting specimens using a swab, scraper, and cytology brush.