Longfian Jay-1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator adopts pressure swing adsorption physical technology to produce oxygen thus is safe & economical to use. PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology Adjustable flowrate Large LCD display for: Accumulating timing, present timing, presetting timing. Digital: Pressure digital, temperature digital, purity digital, SpO2 digital. Maintenance reminding.

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    Our portable oxygen concentrator whose oxygen output is1-5L/min is small and light. Therefore, it is quite suitable for mobile use. Combined with an adaptor for vehicle, this oxygen producing machine can be amounted on automobiles.With rechargeable battery,this machine can be used when people travel. This is a cost-effective product appropriate for blue-and-white collar workers and the common masses.

    The concentration of the oxygen produced by our product is adjustable within the range of 30%-90%. When producing oxygen with concentration of 90% and flow rate of 1L/min, this portable oxygen generation plant is suitable for people who need to inhale high-concentration low-flow oxygen, such as patients with carbon dioxide retention.When producing oxygen having concentration of 30% and flow rate of 5L/min, our portable oxygen concentrator is appropriate for people who need to inhale low-concentration high-flow oxygen, for example, athletes.


    1. This portable oxygen concentrator offers a great outdoor oxygen supply solution for patients who have to go out for a short time;
      2. This portable oxygen concentrator can be used to cure headache and sleep apnea syndrome caused by cervical spondylosis;
      3. Inhaling oxygen with this oxygen gas generator will help white-collar workers and students to regain energy;
      4. This portable oxygen concentrating equipment is available for home health care of pregnant women or old people;
      5. It helps relieve discomfort caused by haze;
      6.suitable for oxygen cocktail making;

      Technical Parameter:

    Oxygen Flow (L/min)1-5
    Oxygen Purity (%)93%±3%(1LPM)





    Oxygen Pressure (Mpa)0.03-0.07
    Noise (dB)≤45
    N.W. (kg)6
    Rated Power (W)≤75
    Power Supply(V)AC220V/110V;
    OptionsDC12V; rechargeable Lithium battery(one hour) Trolley bag;