Allis Forcep 7"

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The instrument is useful in many gynecological procedures. During dilatation and curettage(D&C) Allis forceps are used to hold the anterior lip of the cervix, edges of the vagina during a hysterectomy(removal of the uterus), rectus sheath during abdominal surgery, grasping of the ovary and tube-ovarian masses in case of oophorectomy(removal of ovaries) and turbinectomy(removal of fallopian tubes). The tonsils are also held with the help of Allis during tonsillectomy(removal of tonsils) and may be used to grasp thyroid tissue and breast tissue during resection of these structures(thyroidectomy and mastoidectomy). The diseased bowels which are meant to be removed during resection anastomosis can be held with Allis as well. It may be used as a towel clipper during surgeries.