BMC YH-600B PolyWatch CPAP Sleep Diagnosis

PolyWatch Sleep Screener YH-600 is lightweight and has user-friendly interface and generates comprehensive report which will provide you with compliance and reliable diagnosis for further therapy. Promise you a real sense of freedom.

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The performance and functional characteristics of YH-600B Pro include all the user-friendly features of the predicate device. YH-600B Pro is powered by one 1.5 V AA battery. Testing was performed to demonstrate that the performance of YH-600B Pro in its intended environment is as safe and effective as that of the legally marketed predicate devices. The safety and effectiveness of YH-600B Pro have been verified through performance-related testing that consisted of Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Mechanical and Environment Testing. The recorded data, such as SpO2, pulse rate, airflow waveform, snore and CPAP pressure, can be replayed on a computer via the PolyLogic Analysis Software which is provided with YH-600B Pro. The device can be used as a standalone unit for recording data. It can also interact with a commercially available IEC60950-1 compliant computer, which can be used to review data. The device does not have any audible alarms, and, therefore, should not be used for continuous monitoring. Patient is an intended operator, who can safely use all functions and can perform all maintenances mentioned in the User Manual. All parts of the device are applied parts.

Monitoring Parameters:

SpO2, Pulse Rate, Airflow Waveform, Snore, CPAP Pressure, Wrist Movement (Sleep / Awake), Thoracic / Abdominal Respiratory Effort, Body Position

Exclusive software, simple to operate and analyse!

Technical Specifications

General Specifications

SpO2 Range     


Pulse rate Range

30~250 bpm

Power supply  

DC 1.5V ± 0.15V (1×1.5V R6 AA)

Minimum record duration

No less than 8 hours

Data storage  

64 records can be stored on TF card


78 mm × 60 mm × 21 mm (main device)


75g (main device without battery)

Type of protection against electrical shocks

Internal power supply

Classification of protection against electrical shocks

Type BF applied part

Waterproof rating    


Working mode    

Continuous operation




663 nanometers


890 nanometers

Maximal Optical Output Power

Less than 1.5 mw maximum average

Airflow waveform Frequency

10~40 times per minute

CPAP pressure Rang

4~20 hPa


150~300 Hz




     5 °C~35 °C 


-20 °C~55 °C

Wrist movement (sleep/wake) 

Automatic sleep-awake identification from wrist movement




< 80% (non-condensing)


< 93% (non-condensing)


Atmospheric Pressure       


860~1060 hPa


700~1060 hPa