Birth Pool in a Box Professional Birthing Pool Kit-Regular

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The Birth Pool in a Box Regular-Size water birth tubs for personal and home use are eco-friendly birthing pools that have been designed for strength and comfort with a built-in seat. The unique design provides room for both the laboring mother and a support person. The double-reinforced handles are placed on the outside of the tub for added space and comfort. The exterior handles also ensure that your newborn baby doesn't bump into a handle as it floats to the surface.


Although these tubs are designed for single-use, with proper care and storage we have customers who get multiple uses from their personal tubs! If you are attempting to use any pool multiple times, we highly recommend using liners for sanitation and ease of clean-up. Since the liners are disposable, you don't have to worry about drying the pool thoroughly after use and you eliminate the concern of bacteria storing in the crevices.


Includes 1 Liner

Made from eco-friendly PVC

Easy to set up and use

Built-in seat for additional comfort and positioning during labor and delivery

Perfect for relaxation during pregnancy, labor, and birth

Designed for single-use

Comes with clear instructions

Optional heat cover to keep warmth in the tub while not in use