Basco Magnavision Wf 145 Floor Stand Model

Imported circular white light tubing around the lens for better visulisation and cool light that keeps patients comfortable and operating staff free from fatigue.
Unique spring loaded swing arm X,Y,Z directions down swing rotatable movements the adjustment is spontaneous.
Knob covers are silicon autoclavable for adjusting/focussing to the area of operation.
The lens is highly resistant to all acidic cleaning material and hence has unlimited life.
6x magnification lens with 250mm working distance and 500mm total viewing distance.
145mm field (viewing area/operating area) operated by 220V - 240V AC(+/- 10V) choke.The advantage being it can be easily repaired at any place

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  • Early cancer detection in cervices - Gynaecology Tubal Surgery (Tubo Plasty).
  • Foreign body removal - general and eye.
  • Electrolysis/Epilation in Dermatology/Cosmetology.
  • Ophthalmic procedures.
  • Vascular surgery and Neuro surgery.
  • Plastic surgery and Open surgery.
  • Dental surgery/E.N.T/Urology