ArcLight Diagnostic Tool

The Arclight is a multi-purpose solar-powered diagnostic tool that combines a direct ophthalmoscope, anterior segment loupe and otoscope (as well as a number of other functions) into a small highly portable device

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t comes in a case with a 3-metre visual acuity chart, clip to attach to a mobile phone camera to capture clinical signs, lanyard, speculae and a USB charging lead 

The device has been developed by the Arclight Project social enterprise led by the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

A pocket all-in-one ophthalmoscope-loupe-otoscope for the 21st century. No replacing blown bulbs, no worrying if the battery is dead - ideal for low resource countries and also as a backup or training tool. For novices (students, health workers), the occasional user with some familiarity (doctors, nurses), to specialists (ophthalmologists, optometrists).

EASY TO USE - multiple features. Intuitive operation. View the optic nerve or ear drum first time with no fuss.

PORTABLE - shirt pocket or around the neck. For a detailed view of the anterior segment, eyelids and skin.

SOLAR POWER - charge in a few hours – for a ‘normal’ day’s work or a week of casual use.

LED - precise diagnosis needs outstanding illumination. Low in infra-red and ultra-violet for comfort and safety.

USB - indoors or poor light - plug and go with a modern USB C.

Click here for further details on how to use this device.

Originally made to overcome barriers to ownership in low-resource settings there are now over 28,000 devices worldwide. The scientific evidence base for its effectiveness has grown and it is consequently gaining traction amongst medical students in wealthier countries too. 

Frugal and simplified engineering makes it compact, portable and easy to use. Using a LED light source, it is recharged via a built-in solar panel or through a USB cable, negating the need to find replacement bulbs and batteries.

The Arclight represents an opportunity for medical students to own an effective eye and ear diagnostic tool to practice with regularly to build competency and confidence to take forwards into their working life.