Pregna Inara CU375 IUD KIT

The first of its kind, single-use IUD Kit eliminates the time and expense of assembling, reprocessing, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the medical setting.

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    The IUD kit also eliminates any possibility that the IUD insertion is not done just because one of the required materials is not available at the time of insertion, as can sometimes happen in hospital or public health centers.

    The IUD Insertion Kit comes packed with Inara Cu 375 Intrauterine Device, Esa - a sterile disposable uterine sound, and other components in a convenient, ready for use kit.

    Key Benefits
    Useful - the kit contains all basic items required for an IUD insertion
    Convenient – Ready to use pack saves time and effort of assembling, reprocessing and readying the items for the practitioner 
    Safety - Sterile, single-use components eliminate the risk of cross contamination and reduces costs of sterilization.
    Cost-effective – Bundled packaging makes it cost effective and saves time of procuring various items individually for the purchaser

    Each IUD Insertion Kit contains:
    1 (one) Inara Cu 375 Intra-Uterine Device
    1 (one) single use uterine sound - Esa
    1 (one) Pregnancy Test Strip
    1 (one) Disposable Speculum
    1 (one) Disposable Underpad
    4 (2 pairs) Sterile Gloves
    4 (four) pieces Sterile Cotton gauze (10x10cm)