MDF Babinski Buck Neurological Reflex Hammer - Black (MDF515BT)

1613 Handcrafted Since 1971 | Lifetime Warranty | Latex-Free PRECISELY BALANCED > extra-long handle Accurately and effectively elicits muscle stretch reflexes, superficial or cutaneous reflexes, as well as plantar and abdominal reflexes, with less effort and greater patient comfort

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    • Overview
      The MDF Babinski Buck Reflex Hammer > Light > HDP Handle is a 5-in-1 multifunctional hammer designed to perform all reflex tests with less effort and greater patient comfort by combining the functions and features of an integrated Babinski-tip, dual-mallet Buck percussor, and built-in brush into one reflex hammer.

      The balance-weighted head is outfitted with large and small mallets constructed of TPR for precise percussions.

      The built-in brush at the base of the handle can be easily removed to elicit cutaneous reflexes.

      World Class
      MDF Instruments uses latex-free materials and upholds European REACH phthalate standard. Our products are manufactured to international standards, including the directives of ISO, EN, CE and MC.

      Quality is our reflex. All MDF reflex hammers qualify for a lifetime warranty after registration of the unit. MDF reflex hammers with defects in material or craftsmanship will be replaced or repaired without charge for the life of the instrument.