Delta-Dry Padding


(Water-Resistant Padding)

Improved hygiene and patient comfort: Synthetic casts made with Delta-Dry allow patients to wash their hands, shower or bathe
Standard casting application: Delta-Dry can be applied without needing to learn new techniques

The patented Delta-Dry material offers water-resistance.
The open knit structure of the fibers accelerates drainage after submerging in water.
The patient's body temperature will then evaporate residual moisture quickly through the airy mesh. In this way, cast and skin dry quickly and skin feels dry in about 90 minutes after daily hygiene.
Highly conformable
Easy to apply like regular padding
Reduces the risk of pressure points
Low tack, latex-free adhesive helps to keep padding in place during application as well as during cast treatment

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    The polypropylene-nylon-polyester mesh of Delta-Dry products provides a soft, comfortable cushion on the patients skin, allowing patients to shower, swim or bathe

    Its high breathability keeps the skin dry and well aerated helping to reduce skin problems like maceration, itching and odor. 

    This helps to improve patient compliance and satisfaction, reducing the unscheduled cast changes

    Delta-Dry products are applied the same way as conventional undercast products.

    There is no need to learn new application techniques or undergo special training.

    The highly conformable and stretchable material makes wrinkle-free application easily and quickly achievable.

    In addition, Delta-Dry can be removed using standard removal equipment

    Water Resistant Cast with Delta Dry


    Delta-Dry - Water Resistant Undercast Material for Synthetic Casts