Cube Pessary kit

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    The Cube Pessary Non-Perforated is designed for use by patients with more severe complaints of prolapse of the vagina and/or uterus. This is normally accompanied by a pelvic floor that is too weak to support ring pessaries.

    The vacuum effect of the concave surface of the Cube Pessary Non-Perforated permits adhesion so that the pessary can be used in cases of 2nd and 3rd-degree prolapse as well as the serious incompetence of the pelvic floor. The Cube Pessary Non Perforated products we offer here at Digitimer are also suitable for expanding the vagina before vaginal operations to stimulate local blood supply if coated with estrogen cream.

    The flexibility of the material of the cube pessary permits the daily change of the pessaries by the patient herself with a thread that is fixed either at the edge or centrally.

    The Cube pessary is also recommended for young women who only have urine leakage when engaged in strenuous physical activity such as aerobics, jogging, or tennis. The ease of Cube Pessary insertion and removal allow for only during the limited time of heightened activity.

    To remove the Cube, work 2 or 3 fingers between the pessary and the vaginal wall to break the suction. Pinch the pessary and remove DO NOT PULL ON THE STRING! The string allows for ease in locating the pessary for removal. Pulling the string before breaking the suction to try and remove the Cube Pessary can traumatize the tissue and/or result in string breakage.