BPL LifePAP Ventilator with eVAPs

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    E-VAPS (Volume Assured Pressure Support): eVAPS, intelligently ensures the required pressure support for patients to deliver the intended fixed volume

    Auto E-pap: Addresses any upper airway obstruction. Monitors your upper airway and auto adjust the expiratory pressure 

    Intelligent Pressure release (iPR): Makes the therapy comfortable by reducing the treatment pressure upon exhalation

    Advanced Ventilation Algorithm: Works in synchronous with the patients own breathing pattern, thereby improving the patient's compliance with the therapy 

    Simple and intuitive user interface: Personalized patient comfort settings along with different modes lets patients undergo a seamless and a worry free therapy.

    Multiple Therapy Modes : CPAP, S, AUTO S, S/T, T, & AUTO S/T Therapy Modes

    Display: High Resolution 5"inch color touch screen display

    Humidifier: Integrated humidifier along with pre-heating function

    Power Efficient: Energy-saving mode and auto therapy ON/OFF functions

    Intelligent Adjustments: Auto altitude and auto humidity adjustment

    Pressure Range: 4 - 25CM H2O (For 25S/25A/25ST/25STA)

    Data Recording & Transfer: 4GB SD Card with 1 year therapy details