Band Applicator Single Puncture

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    The Silastic Ring Applicators are made for single or dual ring application with one single insertion. The instruments are available in three different lengths for use through the operating scope (single puncture approach) or through trocar sleeve in conjunction with a laparoscope (multi-puncture approach).

    The Silastic ring is an inert, radio opaque silicone band that is simply applied to a looped section of the fallopian tube with the Silastic Ring Applicator.

    The procedure provides high potential for reversibility. The success of surgical anastomosis is most dependent upon the skill of the surgeon.

    Illustration of the Tubal Ligation Procedure:

      1. Single puncture using 12 mm operating laparoscope.  2. Double puncture requiring a 10 mm laparoscopic and       7 mm Ø trocar sleeve.  3. The Silastic Ring Applicator contains forceps to grasp the fallopian tube       3 to 4 cm from the corneal area.  4. The fallopian tube is gently drawn into the inner cylinder of the instrument,       forming a knuckle. The Silastic Ring located on the inner cylinder is       released onto the knuckle, occluding the base. This procedure is repeated       on the second fallopian tube. Once in place, the Silastic Ring will not slip.