Backhaus Towel Forcep 5"

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    The Backhaus towel clamp is designed with ring handles and a ratchet. The ratchet locking allows the clamp to remain in place until it is released. The Backhaus towel clamp is a perforating clamp. It is used for grasping the tissue, securing towels or drapes, and holding or reducing small bone fractures. Backhaus Towel Clamp is mainly used to fasten drapes or towels to patients during medical procedures in order for them to stay on. The pointed tips of the Backhaus towel clamp jaws cave inward so that they enter both the skin and drape.
    • Curved
    • Locking handle
    • Stainless steel 
    • Used for securing towels or drapes to patients during medical procedures
    • Can also be used for grasping tissue or holding small bone fractures
    • Pointed, overlapping prongs curve inward
    • Ratcheted locking mechanism controls jaw pressure