Advin Endoscopic Flexible Biopsy Forcep

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    Pediatric cystoscope Flexible Forceps With International Quality Standard.

    Stent Removing Forceps is designed for the easy removal of stents.

    Stent Removing Forceps is also called Flexible Stent Removing Forceps, Double J Stent removal Forceps, Ureteral.

    Stent Removal Forceps and flexible cystoscope stent removal.

    Flexible biopsy forceps with movable cup-shaped jaws are used to obtain biopsy specimens by introduction through a specially designed endoscope.

    Flexible Biopsy Forceps are made of high-quality stainless steel to provide physicians with a product of high longevity and a smooth cup operation in any situation.

    Advanced Features:

    Reusable stent removal forceps

    Strong grasping


    Alligator Biopsy jaw for a strong grip

    Reusable Flexible Biopsy forceps