3M 340-4004 Ultrafit corded no case-Ear Protection

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    3M E-A-R UltraFit Corded Earplugs have a pre-molded and triple flange design that allows the user to insert it effortlessly in the ears. These earplugs are made of a soft polymer, which can be washed easily and reused. These ear safety plugs have a noise reduction rating of 25 dB. Thus, these hearing protection devices can be used in a range of industries like manufacturing, automotive, transportation, repair & military maintenance, and mining. It comes with a complimentary polybag, which is why it is also known as Hearing Conservation in Poly Bag. The polybag keeps these earplugs clean and fresh for reuse.

    Product Attributes:

    Highly cost-effective.
    High noise reduction levels of 25 dB.
    Triple flange design to fit most ear canals.


    The triple flange design of the earplugs ensures that it fits most ear canals.
    As they have a high noise reduction rating of 25 dB, they have added safety element.

    Product Specifications


    Brand: 3M

    Colour: Yellow

    Material: Elastomeric Polymer

    Model: 340-4004

    Noise Reduction Rating: 25 dB

    Pack Size: Poly bag

    Product: E-A-R

    Product ID: 70071515772

    Product Series: E-A-R UltraFit

    Product Type: Pre-Molded/Reusable Earplugs